Use the same templates in a workgroup

To create new Maps you can use the Add Map function in myThings™ for MindManager®. This opens a dialog where you can select from your own templates you need in your daily work. When you work together in a workgroup it’s often a good thing when you use the same templates as the foundation of new Maps. myThings™ for MindManager® can easily be customized to this by changing it’s settings

By default myThings™ for MindManager® uses templates that are saved in a subfolder of the myThings-folder. To change this to the following:

  1. Click the Options-button under the myThings-Tab of MindManager
  2. Select the Folders-category
  3. Type the path to the shared workgroup template-folder or select it by clicking on the button to the right of the text-field.
  4. Save the Settings by clicking on OK

That’s it – now everyone in the workgroup can use the same Map-Templates for new Maps created with myThings™ for MindManager®.

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