PaintMap for MindManager logoMake your map’s more readable

When you create a MindManager Map each maintopic has the same color. This can make the Map a little bit boring for your eyes, make your orientation in the Map a little bit harder and make the Map less readable.

With PaintMap for MindManager you can change this. PaintMap changes the line color for each maintopic and makes the Map more interesting for your eyes, makes the Map more readable and makes it easier to communicate over the Map, since you can talk about the green topic instead of “Topic 10” and because it is faster to find a color than a text.

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It’s easy

With a single click you can give your MindManager Map a new look. Use the rainbow colors or random colors.

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It’s integrated

paintmap-group.pngPaintMap is integrated into MindManager. As part of the Design-Ribbon you can fill the background of your Map’s maintopics or change the colors of the Map-lines with a single click.

free tagIt’s free

This Add-In for Mindjet MindManager is free. Just download, install and use it.