myThings for MindManager 15 released

We are happy to announce the release of myThings 2.1.12.

We had some trouble with MindManager 15. When you use the Backlink-function in MindManager together with Cloudfogger or another “on the fly” encryption software for files (like Boxcryptor or VIIVO), you can loose the content of your maps. We are in contact with Mindjet to find a solution for this. Until then please turn off your “on the fly” encryption for all folders you use together with myThings and MindManager 15.

Here are the changes for this version:

Ver 2.1.12
Date 2014-10-08

Don't use On the Fly encryption software like Cloudfogger,
 VIIVO or Boxcryptor together with myThings. You can loose
 all data in the maps when you use the Backlink-functionality
 in myThings. This problem only occurs with MindManager 15 -
 we apollogize for this issue.
 [+] Add "Waiting" to notes when a topic is added to the Waiting-Map
 [*] Updated for MindManager 15
 [*] Better Errorhandling when handling answered topics.
 [+] Map settings: When the topic action is set to "Link" and linktype is empty then the
 linktype is set to "Link to"
 [-] Removed MindManager 8 from the setupfile.

 * Syncing (Backlink) between topics was disabled at startup and was first enabled after
 adding a new link between topics. It's now enabled from start.

Download it from here: