myThings Tutorial: Change the Reference-Map to a Reference Maplist

By default myThings uses one map for all your references, but you can easily change that if you need more space, want to spread your references over more maps. or want to create a references Library.  This little tutorial shows you how to do that:


  • Select one of your Custom Maplists as your reference Maplist
    Select the Maplists-tab
    Select List 3 (first default custom Maplist)
    Give it a name
    Select the Directory
    Select the Filetype shown in the Maplist
    Select an Icon
    Activate the Maplists
  • Hide the active reference-Map
    Select the Map-tab
    Select the “Map 2”-tab (default for references)
    Remove the checkmark for Active
  • Save the Settings
  • Create maps in the new Maplist
    Try the easy way using our “Create Map from Topic” function in myThings. Create some topics with the titles of your maps in the Maplist, select them, drag them to the myThings task pane  and drop them on the new Maplist. myThings will create one map for each selected topic and add it’s subtopics.
  • Finished