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A false positive message

The false positive message from Symantec Norton

This Monday I got some mails from customers that Symantec’s Norton has classified the downloadable installation file of myThings 2 as a thread and that the downloaded file was removed from the computer. The Thread name: WS.Reputation.1

Of course we checked the installation file immediately (with Norton’s own product :-)) and could not find any threads. Therefore we sent dispute to Symantec and yesterday we got this response:

We are writing in relation to your submission through Symantec’s on-line Security Risk / False Positive Dispute Submission form for your software being detected by Symantec Software. In light of further investigation and analysis Symantec is happy to remove this detection from within its products.

The updated detection will be distributed in the next set of virus definitions, available daily, or weekly via LiveUpdate, depending on Symantec product version, or daily from our website at

So if you still get the message from a Symantec Norton product, then it is verified by them that this is a false positive. Please update your Norton product and you can safely download myThings 2 for  MindManager and become more productive with Mindjet / MindManager and Getting Things Done (GTD).