MindManager Maps on an Android device

Scan this code with your device to open the Andoid market.

Wouldn’t it be great also to edit your MindManager-Maps on an Android-Phone or -Tablet to keep track of your notes and projects? With Thinking Space this is possible – simple  and comfortable.

When you know MindManager, then you know how great it is to use Mind Maps and to visualize your information. When you are on the move you can’t use MindManager, unless you have a notebook or an Iphone. There is no MindManager for an Android-Device. This has changed with Thinking Space from Kinesthetic Ltd.

You can get a free version which is financed by advertising. It has already a lot of functionality for the daily use. There is also a Pro-version for 2.95 UK£ . It’s without Adverts and has some more functions like File Hyperlinks and a Style mode. The Pro-version is every penny worth.

You may say that Mind Maps on a Smartphone are too small and yes, I have tried it on my Iphone and there is almost no overview on bigger Maps. But now I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and this Screen is big enough to have larger Maps on it and still have the overview. And when you only want to take some notes for later use, the screen of a Smartphone also is big enough.

Common for both is that the User interface is very easy to handle and it is fun to work with the Maps. To add a new Topic Tap the Add-button and type the text. When you want to move a Topic just drag it with your finger like the way you know from MindManager. And if you don’t like the menu you can use gestures for many functions – this makes it easy to take notes on meetings :-).

Thinking Space has it’s own file-format, but you can change the default file-format to MindManagers XMMap. Open the Preferences and select MindManager as your Default File format.

The only thing is that all the formatting gets lost, when I save my Map in the MindManager file-format from Thinking Space, but this is no problem for me, since I use MindManager with a bigger screen for all the formatting.

Beyond different file-formats you also can store your Maps in many places on your device or outside: Your phone, a  SD-Card, your Dropbox-Account, the Thinking Space Cloud and MindMeister.

I have tried Thinking Space for while now and it has become my favourite App for my Tablet.