Support for export to PDF removed from Mindjet Mindmanager 14.1

At the end of December 2013 Mindjet released the Service Pack 1 for MindManager 14 for Windows . With this Service Pack they removed the “Export as PDF” functionality. Mindjet explains this with license issues they have with the PDF Writer software they used until then.

As a user you have different options now:

  • You can give up exporting your maps as simple PDF-files and use other tools like the online version of MindManager to show your maps to your collaborators
  • You can buy PDF-XChange from Tracker-Software or a similar PDF Writer. It installs a printer driver on your computer and you create a PDF-file by printing your map to this “PDF-printer”.
  • You can download a free PDF Writer software like CutePDF or PDFCreator. There are many free PDF Writers on the Internet. Before you download one, be sure that you are allowed to use it for commercial purposes and check out what  additional software you need like the GhostScript PostScript driver.
    The free PDF Writers work normally as printer drivers too.

Together with all those options is that you can’t create a PDF-file directly from MindManager any longer. You need an extra tool for this.