GTD with MindManager: Add mobile Inbox-Map to myThings

To get the most out of GTD with MindManager it is important to have as many ways to you Inbox-Map as possible. myThings for MindManager gives you direct access to the Inbox-Map in MindManager and the myInbox Application where you can save your thoughts when you’re not working with MindManager and there is the native Add-In from Mindjet where you can add Outlook items to your active MindManager Map.

Now we have added another way to myThings for MindManager to add things to your Inbox-Map. With Mindjet Mobile for Android or for iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad) and Dropbox you can add all your Topcs from a mobile Inbox-Map to the Desktop Inbox-Map with a simple click.

This is how it goes:


  • Open a Dropbox Account
    Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, videos and files anywhere and share them easily over your Desktop (Mac & PC), mobile device and the Web-platform. The free account starts at 2 GB and you can get up to 20GB of free diskspace. If you don’t have an account you can get one from here: (using this link link will give you another 250MB of free diskspace)
  • Get the Dropbox Apps for your devices.
    The Apps are free and you can get on the respective marketplaces for your device or directly from the Dropbox website.
  • Get Mindjet Mobile – if you not have it yet
    Mindjet Mobile is also free and you can get it from Google Play or the iTunes Appstore.
  • Connect Mindjet Mobile with your Dropbox account
    On iOS-devices: Click on Add storage services and select Dropbox.
    On Android-devices: Open the Settings for Mindjet Mobile and mark “Dropbox support” in the Cloud-group.
  • Create your mobile Inbox-Map in the Dropbox folder and save it.
    On iOS-devices : Select Dropbox, the Dropbox folder and add a new Map. Give the new Map a Name and start typing. When your device is connected to the Internet the new Map will be synchronized to your Dropbox-account.
    On Android-devices: Just create a new Map. It will automatically be added to your Dropbox-account when the Device is connected to the Internet.
  • Start MindManager on your Desktop
  • Open the myThings Options under the myThings-Tab
    Open the Options dialog of myThings for MindManager
  • Select the Maps Category in the Options
    myThings: Select the Mobile Inbox-Map
  • Add the Mobile Inbox Map to it’s respective field.
    You can select it by clicing on the button right to the field or by typing the full path to the Map-file.

Get the mobile Inbox-Map in to the Desktop Inbox-Map

myThings: Update the Inbox-MapNow you can sync your Mobile Map into the desktop Map by clicking on the Sync-Icon in the myThings task pane.


From now on you can add things to your Inbox-Map on the run and it will get harder to forget things – and you become more reliable :-).