Free PDF-Addin for MindManager 14


Download necsus Export2PDF from our downloadsite

About a month ago we reported that MindManager 14.1 for Windows has missed the “Export as PDF”-function and what you could do instead.

Now we are happy to announce our free MindManager-Addin Export2PDF. With this Add-in you can export your MindManager map to a PDF-file directly out from MindManager again. It is a very simple function and is not a replacement for the old Export as PDF function.


It has some limitations:

  • You cannot search inside the file
  • You cannot split the map over many pages
  • You cannot protect the PDF-file with a password
  • The links are not clickable

On the other hand

  • It’s free
  • It never overwrites an existing PDF-file, but will add an increasing number to the filename
  • It saves the PDF-file in the same file folder with the same name like the MindManager map file.
  • It uses the map-properties for the PDF metadata (author, title, etc.)
  • It’s available in German and English.

If you want a Pro edition with more options you are welcome to contact me. If there are enough interested we will develop a Pro-version that can almost replace the old version.