Tutorial: Create an Action-Map including the AutoDistribute functionality

The default settings of myThings for MindManager use a Maplist for the Actions and use one map for each context you define (@office, @phone, @home, @club etc.). This gives you a good overview on your actions for each context.

If you think that you don’t need a map for each context or you think that this is too much then of course you can collect all your actions in one map instead and still have an easy access to your Actions-Map.

This little tutorial shows you how to do this and how to add the AutoDistribution-Function to this map for an easy distribution of the topics dropped on your Actions-Map.

[youtube http://youtu.be/T4Se__t_Gp0&w=550]

You can download the icons from our server: http://www.necsus.dk/en/downloadcenter

  • Create an empty map
    Right click on the folder where you want to place your Action-Map. Select a template for your new map.
  • Change the Map Settings
    If the map is open close it. Right click on your new Action-Map and select Map Settings in the context menu.
    Set the checkmark out of “AutoDistribute topics” and save the settings
  • Add the Map to your Fixed Maps
    Open the myThings Options
    Select the Map-Tab
    Select one map by clicking on a tab
    Give the map a name
    Select the map
    Select an icon
    Set the Active-checkmark to activate the map in the task pane
  • Hide the Task Maplist
    Select the Maplists–Tab
    Find the Task Maplist (default: List 1)
    Remove the Active-checkmark for this Maplist to deactivate it in the task pane.
    Save the settings